when i was six years old my dad remote accessed the family computer from his office computer while i was playing on it. my mouse started moving on its own. i was frightened. i was playing on the computer and it was moving on its own. the mouse opened notepad. "hello", it typed. my computer was talking to me. my computer still talks to me.

when i was eleven i spent hours and hours on creepypasta wiki reading about how this world was merely a facade and the unreal was real and the real was unreal. i looked up from the black screen and the kitchen was stark white. it was cold and there was no one else in it. i shuffled on my chair. it was a metal fold up chair and wasnt very comfortable. my mother was in the sitting room at the other end of the house. she was asleep. she did not know or hear me here.

i asked cleverbot "are you charles darwin?" and it said yes. my normal computer was not normal anymore; it had been compromised by an entitiy.

i dreamt i got a popup warning. Something Just Smiled between your cursor and where you were about to click. Do you want to continue?

when i was a child i had nightmares where my computer was bad and the internet was a separate reality and it pulled me into it. now i knew that these were not my imagination, they were real.

there was still not a sound from anyone else in the house. were they even still there? the next evening, i went on the computer again.